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Our Vision

Why are we here?

Taylor and Chelsea started out as partners on the court and have ultimately become partners in life. Around the country they have gathered medals on the court together and apart, but most importantly they have a shared passion for the game that they want to spread to everyone. Taylor will show you how to "think pickleball" and focus on your ultimate goals. Chelsea will show you how to improve your skills, shot by shot. Together, helping players discover pickleball as a sport, and as a lifelong community.

Taylor Uhl

Owner & Coach

Taylor is known in the pickleball world for her unique and sometimes unconventional style of play, setting a tone on the court that is cool, calm, and collected. Her mental game is unparalleled and largely due to her time playing professional soccer in Canada, and as a soccer star at Stanford University, ultimately cementing her name in the record books as the top goal scorer in the country for one season. Taylor knows how to be dangerous on the court and wants to show others how to reign in their passion and use it both competitively and recreationally. 

Sponsored by Paddletek & Northstar Pickleball

2021 Accomplishments:

  • 1st place - Pro Women's Doubles - Chicken N' Pickle Invitational

  • 1st place - Pro Mixed Doubles - Chicken N' Pickle Invitational

  • 1st place - Pro Women's Doubles - Midwest Pickleball Classic

  • 2nd place - 5.0 19+ Women's Doubles - APP Chicago

  • 2nd place - 5.0 19+ Mixed Doubles - PPA Red Red Rock

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Chelsea Kerrison

Owner & Coach

Chelsea takes an outwardly passionate approach to pickleball. This has given her a unique ability to coach players in a way that is exciting and easy to understand; motivating players to be better and have fun with their ability.

Sponsored by Selkirk Sport & Northstar Pickleball

2021 Accomplishments:

  • 2nd place - Pro Women's Doubles - Sandbox Mother's Day Tourney

  • 2nd place - Pro Women's Doubles - Red Mountain Cash Round Robin

  • 2nd place - 5.0 19+ Women's Doubles - APP Chicago


What our clients say about us


"I love CT Pickleball Training!!! Awesome instruction! I’m looking forward to more from this dynamic team. Thank you for helping us get better!"

"The clinic yesterday was fantastic!! Taylor and Chelsea were fantastic coaches! I’m looking forward to their skills and drills sessions starting next week!"

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